25.10.12 Rush

My armpits are sweating. Mom is doing her best to get me to the airport. Not sure if I am able to make it on time to board my plane. 35 mins before departing and I am still on my way to the airport. What's going on with today's traffic? It's like office rush hour. @.@ Looking at the LONG queue of cars tailing each other make me sweat even more. Please let me make it, Dear Universe!

I keep my head down and distract myself with tweets and FB. Can not lah, every time I look up at the traffic in front, I can see a lighter about to burn my air tix! NOOOO~ o.O" Not my Japan trip with Kenny! I want our Us trip!

It's okay Ming, you checked in dy. You just need to take your luggage and board the plane. Ok, ok, I can do that. *sucking some air back to my throat* Oh crap! Haven't check in my luggage!!! Counter close 45 mins? *die* 😱😱

I ask mom to speed up and she said 'don't make me stress leh...jam here. How to speed?' Oh my cute Mama, how can u still be this cute at this time!

My monkey mind is panicking. Plan B, what is my Plan B?? Okay, stay calm Ming, stay calm and you can think of something. If I missed this one, I have to board the next flight in order to catch my connecting flight. But it's PH tomorrow, got seat boh? -__________-""
Hang on. Another option is I repack my luggage and hand carry it. •__• En, sounds workable!

As soon as mom hit her brake at the airport, I sprint to the luggage drop counter. Thank you New Balance running shoes it's meant to be for me to pack u along, muah!

I hope I make it on time. I told the staff on duty.
'You should be at the gate by now'
But I have luggage!
*Circling on my boarding pass* 'Counter close 45 mins before'
He paused......and checked in my luggage for me!
Sorry lah, I must be really garang just now. PMS it's out of my control. But thank you so much for the help. Appreciate it.

Yes, I did board the flight :). Just when I thought everything is back to normal and am putting down my experience today in words. The captain announced that we are detouring to Johor due to bad weather in KL. @_@". GREAT! =____= Now, the dude sitting behind is gonna talk even longer! He has been talking none stop since I board the plane. This dude boh jiak cang ehh, we still on the plane and he is talking bout Final Destination....$@~{#^:+%#<^^|+_$€{+!! *WaLaoEh*

Finally after another hour or so of waiting and flying, I am free from this dude and I am with my other half. Now I feel complete :) :)

*post written on 25.10.12*

30.10.11 We are on our way to Tokyo now! See you back home in 2 days! :)

*Countdown: 28 days*


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