I had another boyfriend.  We started our relationship just yesterday but he faded away too quickly after I woke up. I couldn't remember who he is and all I recall was he was with me and half way through my dream,  I realized I am already attached with Kenny 'How did I ended up with this new bf?'

Bothered by this dream I told my Oppa about it. Cause I feel bad if I hide this from him. *Duh~! Stupid move! I should have kept quiet! *

‘WHAT? You cheated on me?!’ my Oppa exclaimed.

‘But it’s just a DREAM!’ *跳进黄河也洗不清

‘Dream is coming from your subconscious! *Pause* Who is HE? WHAT DOES HE LOOKS LIKE? IS HE BETTER THAN ME??'

Hmmmm MEN -_____-  Do all men react this way? Because I would expect a respond like ‘What makes you dream of that?’ instead of ‘What does he looks like?’ Feelings! FEELINGS~!! We are emotional animals! …………àso damn true that Men are from Mars and Women from Venus.


After that I quickly googled Dream Dictionary to explain myself. It says ' To dream that you have a new bf different from the one you have in your waking life implies that your existing relationship has moved on to a higher level. The relationship has moved towards a more serious phase.' 

Nah, Nah, Nah, see~! 

Rubbish lah! That is to make the cheating person feel better nia!

*What a slap on the face!* 

(>@<)" *Pout*

I learnt my lessons the hard way.
1) Anything that doesn't help in a relationship, don't say it out, keep it to yourself instead!
2) Something your bf doesn't need to know, don't tell him! 
3) No matter how open or honest your relationship is, it's okay to keep your secret to yourself. 

I am the sorta girl who doesn't fall into a relationship easily and I have never cheated in my past relationship. Not then, not now! Once I am attached, I am as faithful as a dog (?) and as sticky as superglue. So I will Never, Ever, Ever cheat on you Dear Dear!  It’s just a dream~!  It's not yat kio dap liong shun, in the dream, I thought I am Single. That doesn't count as cheating! 

And  to the New bf, you have caused enough trouble, you are now an Ex. I am happily attached with Kenny so please don't come and see me again! Stay away from me ok? I am taken! I only love my Oppa. Now disappear from my dreams forever ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Good, I am finally clean!

*Countdown: 7 days*


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