Mars and Venus (Part 1)

So the tweet question was: Boyfriend carrying girlfriend's handbag walking around shopping mall: Sweet or Unmanly?!

Have your say.

Some said their balls will shrink if they ever do it *deh ~* some said it's such a gay thing to do!

I say, Come on lah, man pakai make up not gay meh?? And who cares if your balls shrunk, as long it's still functional!! Right? It's your gf, what is wrong with pampering her by helping her to carry it?  No credit cards were swiped, No harm was caused. so why not? How come the okay-ness (if this word for guys to carry shopping bags for girls doesn't apply on handbag. They are both bags leh! Besides, she's already tired from hours of shopping what's wrong with making her comfortable by lessening a bit more weight on her shoulders.

I say it's not only Sweet, it's also MANLY! cause from the interpretation of BODY LANGUAGE, the act of carrying a handbag for your gf is a way to show your AFFECTION towards her. It's another way of saying 'Honey, I love you. Let me help you with your bag?'. That is what girls want! Being pampered! (Okay lah, maybe not all girls!) It takes COURAGE for a man to do that in public, and I reckon it's such a MANLY thing to do cause you are like 'I dun care WatUTink? She's my gal ~!' See, See,See!!! Someone on the tweet replied: It takes man with balls to do that! I was like 'Quick! I gotta follow her tweet!!! :D'

If you are wondering why am I so agitated, it's because I am the gf in this scenario and Kenny is the bf that refused to do it for me. He claims that is an UNMANLY thing to do that blemishes his dignity! (Si meh?)
He said he would help me to carry it if I transferred everything from my handbag into a plastic bag.
>o<          *Pout*!!!!!
Dear Dear, liddat I help you to bring an invisible plastic bag that only smart people can see. Can??
~__~|||    *not happy*
Ah bo, don't carry a handbag lah! See, your big sis also didn't carry one.
-____-     That is why I am paying her bills!
d^Q^b........*he burst out laughing*..........HAHAHAhAHahahahahaaaaa~

Inconclusive still!

In the end, I make a bet with him. If his tweet followers think that it's unmanly, I won't bug him anymore! but if they think it's sweet, he would have to carry my handbag for ONE DAY! (see, so nice of me! Negotiation discounted till one day). 3 more hours till the poll is closed. and I am WAY BEHIND!!!

To Kenny's dear tweet followers, I am staking my hope on you! VOTE SWEET and MANLY!!!! If I win, you win! Quick, vote for me!


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