Written on 28th June

I am sitting outside the boarding gate with my back hunch, trying to protect all the valuables in my bag (until I get my pay, these are the most precious things I have). My passport, my AUD, my USD, my Ringgit, my Rupee......hoho, I haven't have time to sort out my currency after returning from Sri Lanka.

I have been traveling too much this month and I am starting to feel the pinch when my travel fund is drying up. 2 oversea trips in a month, yeah, that sounds a bit too much. Even my dad said 'You are living your life to the fullest'. Not sure what he means when he said that with a flat look and deep tone. Not even a bit of excitement seen pun!

My dad must be thinking his youngest daughter is getting too playful and wondering why the rebelliousness in me kicked in 10 years later.

Pa, I know what I am doing lah. I am just not content to live my life doing a 8 hours job, then go home exhausted and complain how my works sucks and repeat the SAME ROUTINE the next day. Whenever I came across sick patients who tell me their wish list that starts with 'when I recover (or the sadder version, if I can be healthy again)...I want to....' it really make me think: What is life all about?

I don't want to live my life as an obedient daughter that is thought-less, and always say YES/OKAY. It was hard initially cause I am so use to pleasing people and meeting others expectations.

But I have changed. It's my life. I want it to be exciting and interesting. After all, I only live this life ONCE. I am so curious about this world. There are so much to see and every time I travel, I get to know myself better. I grow. And I change my thoughts. That's why I have my little bloggie with me, dedicated to document my life journey.

Isn't that the way it should be? Experiencing the world?

Pa, I wish I have the courage to share this with you. But knowing that your values and your brought up was extremely different from mine. I foresee that my sharing with you will end up making my passport being confiscated.

I hope you understand where I am coming from. I am still me. Just asking for a bit more of freedom to see this world. I am sorry I haven't finish my work as planned but I will definitely get them beautifully done when I get back. Just let them pause for a while k. *please please please, and please don't sack me*

Right now I need plenty of rest and get ready for my first 42km Marathon at Gold Coast.  I want to complete it before the cut-off time which is 6 hours 30mins. Not sure if I can achieve that with no training at all, but anyhow, I will just do it. Got to go.

I love you, Pa!

*Updates: Yippe!! I completed my first marathon on 1st July 2012 way before cut-off time :) :)*


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