Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2012

My 'Beh Zai Gia' mode was on when I registered over the net for the Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2012  thinking 'Almost everyone I know at LUF have done a marathon before! Kenny did it 6 times, Rose did it, Ryan did it and no one dies from it, it shouldn't be any hard.' Somemore, I was so determined to know why Kenny did it over and over again without fail over the last 6 years!!! He said, he wants to feel the PAIN to feel ALIVE wor~!! *Really? There must be more~!* Without much thought, I submitted my details and decided to feel the thrill ~ ~*if any* of the run! 

After I signed up, my*K*ing *K*oil pillow/ Kenny told me about the history of Marathon was  to commemorate a Greek messenger who ran non-stop to Athens to spread the news of their victory in the battlefield before he collapse and die. ......O, so someone did died =.="" I was wrong!!  But it's too late, I have signed up and there is no turning back. He said that a Marathon is nothing less than 42km (that is almost like running from KLIA to Sunway Pyramid but with 6km less) and in order to complete a Full Marathon, it requires DISCIPLINE, TRAINING and BUILDING STAMINA. Ohh, now I remember that!  

I did none of those!!!

My prep was purely Body Jam (cardio dance) and a half marathon organized by the Spring Shopping Mall, speaking of which, I have to show off a bit! hohoho!!

I came 11th on the Women's 21Km. 

With a personal best of 2 hours and 21mins. 

Friends and long time no see classmates shared the joy and took photos with me like I am the heroin of the day. Then I thought to myself: If 21km is easy, 42km won't be any hard! So I spend the following 2 weeks doing just zero training. This is what I later called my 'Beh Zai Si' training plan. Advice: NEVER DO THAT!! 

The day before my run, I did my last min preparation: eat lots of carbs, get my gears ready (Top to bottom: a brand new Oasics Gold Coast marathon cap, Adidas Micoach, Adidas running top, Nike sports bra, Running bib pinned on, Sports gels, Music,2XU compression pants, a thick pair of specialized running socks that Kenny bought and my New Balance running shoes) and most importantly, REMOVE MY MENTAL BLOCK!!

Ahhhh~!!! 1st of July!!!  Such an important date!! Here I am with Kenny on a Mission:  TO COMPLETE MY FIRST MARATHON: GOLD COAST AIRPORT MARATHON 2012! :D :D

We arrived at Zone D just in time for the run. Thousands of people were gathered here, it's like a huge party! Helicopters are up in the air, news are broadcasting live, music is playing, runners are warming up, everyone is excited!!  And there go that moment, the run starts!

I take my first 10km slowly. The weather is good, nice and warm; the vibe is awesome, brightly coloured posters and cheers are everywhere, even kids are sticking their hands out to give support! Strangers on the road clap their hands and give you encouraging smile. I stick my thumb up and keep running.

'How can I give up?' I told myself and  'I didn't sign up to QUIT!!' so I went on and on~!! No matter how hard and how stiff my legs feel (esp after the 26km) I kept going!

Things seems to slow down at 30km mark. Kenny is right, the last 10km is the hardest. My legs went really stiff,  I thought to myself 'Die loh, got 12km to go~! @.@ Why didn't I train??? T.T ' . Every few mins I ran, I have to stop and stretch cause it felt like it's gonna cramp! I changed my strategy then, instead of running, I did fast walk. Well, cheat a bit lah, but still, keep on moving!

From the 34th km onwards, every single km achieved, is a milestone. My legs are so sore, it felt like someone is dragging behind. Then I passed by another km and saw Kenny's recorded message for me.:)

Awwwww~ ~! That gave me strength! :) :) Making my first Marathon unforgettable! I love you ~!! ^^

I have an awareness during the run: No matter how tough the situation is, LOVE and SUPPORT can overcome it all. :)This is my results. I completed my run in 5 hours 25 mins 7 secs. Pretty good huh?? My first run and I made it before the cut-off time. :) and Kenny had his personal best too! *happy* (see my photos and video here :

I can't feel my legs once I stop running. For the next 3 days, I walked like a duck and Kenny had minimal muscle soreness. That is the price I have to pay for not doing any training!
>.<" *PAIN*

It's too sore to lift my legs or make any heel strike. Going to the ladies is a torture! It's killing me everytime I sat on the toilet bowl and get up from it.
When I was in extreme mucsle soreness, Kenny said to me ' I have no sympathy for you loh!! You didn't train!'
*AAAaaaarggggg~~~ kick him away* OUCHHHh, my legs hurts!!
T.T !!! .........

Well, I am all good now!! 

Got to make this last pic extra extra large <3 <3.

And end this post with:
One more thing we did as a couple: Finish a 42km marathon togeher!! and this is our new couple T :) :)


  1. Hahahahahaha !! I read and I knew some ppl died during running ler. even for half marathon.. O.o So, I decided not to let my parents see any of those news when I told them I'm going for a full marathon. Hahaha !!

    You did great job ler.. My half marathon PB before spring run was 2 hours 45mins.. My Spring run was the best 2 hours 19mins.. haha.. maybe cos it's more stress to run in hometown :D

    Congratulations on your full marathon too. Very good timing.. hehehe.. and is there a 2nd marathon for you? :D

    Oh ya.. thanks to Kenny too. If it's not for his words of encouragement.. I wouldn't have signed up for BIM full marathon.. hehehe.

  2. Can finish the run, half or full, is really good liao. ×high 5* hehe....2nd marathon arhh?? Maybe one more before I hit 30.


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