Awareness 21.07.12

Have you ever came across a day that everything just went WRONG?!

That is my day today!

I meet up Kenny for lunch prior to his flight to KL (Again!). I was shocked to see him at D.yak looking pale~ and sick! He wasn't feeling well the day before and it worsen today.

He took a few spoon of the food and the next minute, he just can't take it in....he sat quietly in front of me and asked to be excused from lunch to rest. I nodded my head. Straight away, he cushioned his forehead on his arm. Seeing him like this, I felt worried: Is he safe to take a flight to Kl alone? I voiced up my concerned but  he insisted to go. Watching helplessly, I frowned and brushed my hand on his head hoping that my hand could heal his nausea! .........At that moment, I felt like crying..... 'What can I do? How can I help?..... ' I hate it when things are out of my control. 

Kenny suddenly stood up, walked out from the glass door and disappeared to the corner out of my vision. It didn't felt right! I went out to check on him and he was puking! :(......

If I was Ming 2 years ago, I would probably be crying at that time seeing my loved one suffer. But I didn't. I realize how important he is to me when I manage to find the STRENGTH in me to support him through the situation. I told Kenny that I love him and I TRUST that he is gonna be okay and he will take care of himself for me~! 

It was getting late. I hugged him goodbye before he headed to airport.*breathe out* I lost my appetite too.........

I asked for the bill....RM 40.80. I got my AUD, USD, Rupee still... but I don't have enough Rm to clear the bill leh ~ and they don't accept cards *disaster!!* I had to head to the nearest ATM to W/D $$ WTF! and the WORSE bit was, when I was bout to drive myself back to D.yak, my car break down AGAIN!!! *Nightmare* 

Oh Great~!! Phone was left with 6% battery. Only enough to make one call. >.<  If the phone dies...I don't know what to do already!! I crossed my arms in front of my chest and my mind and heart had a major fight!
 'Why is this happening to me? ' my brain ask.
'Well ~............Erm~...............At least you are hiding under the shade.......At least it's not raining.......... At least you still have enough batt to make phone calls.....At least the car break down right next to a shopping mall~......' my heart says *Counting the tiniest positive things that I can think of *.

When I walked myself to the ladies (I finished both my drinks and Kenny's), I had another awareness: Life is not going to be always smooth sailing. Accept the fact! When you hit the lowest point, count the things you have to bring you back up! 

Things changed, when you change your perspective! I suddenly remembered that I have my iphone charger with me and I got my phone charged at one of the beauty outlet *Thank you Lavera/Juice Beauty*

Things went well after this, from the staff who provided the powerpoint (and gave me a chair to sit on *touched*), the towing uncle who treated me like his daughter, the servicing guy at the centre, and my sis whom came to rescue me (oh, and drive me to D.yak to pay the bill =.=. Thank you Jie....).....Things changed when you show your appreciation to the things (and people) around you.

Imagine how things would turn up if manage the whole thing negatively? I'd probably ruin my whole day! So whatever you are going through right now, STOP COMPLAINING!!.....

Not bad leh, so much awareness in one day! :) 


  1. I have no idea how to think positive if all those things ever happened to me. So much good thoughts from you. I shd learn from you more!

  2. haha....I was grateful that I had these awareness suddenly if not arhh...hoho... *lightning*...


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