Hi bloggie!! Mommy miss you ~! *sayang sayang~*.........so many things to tell you....Hmm...where should I start?

Okay, been back from Sri Lanka for 10 days (why can't it be longer!!). It was an adventurous trip rather than a romantic one. The attractions are scattered all over the island and it took at least 3 hours to travel from one spot to another. Cause you know why??
1) lots of the roads are bumpy + single lane, and worse!! a massive turn every 5 second (at the countryside) . Then hor, mommy start to vomit again >.<" (carsick lah, what are you thinking?)
2) Tuk tuk are expensive (Visitors pay 2-5 times more than locals as if we were their ATM =.=")
3) Train has a speed limit of 15km/hour (It's SLOW, but because of that Kenny and I can stick our head out from the window for some fresh Sri Lanka air and a better view of the landscape. Honestly speaking, the train ride is the most enjoyable one!)
Tell you more about it, in the future k?

Now, if you recall, I was taking care of my granny every night for the last 2 sleepless months. I don't know what happened/changed my granny when I was away, but I am so pleased that she didn't wake me up in the middle of the night since (touch wood first). That means, 10 days of GOOD QUALITY SLEEP! :)

Mommy's life now is so full, juggling between work, exercise, volunteering, relationship and being a filial granddaughter.

My typical day is like this:
Morning = work
Lunch time = on my fb and start to recruit campers for 30 hour famine
Arvo = work
Three-thirt-itis = coffee break!
Evening = exercise,
Night (past 10pm) = US TIME!! Just me and Kenny (muah!)
Midnight till next morning = SNORE! ....accompanying my granny.

Things are looking good :) My work that was previously stuck, is progressing and I can accomplish my tasks before my due date! I am back to Jamming again, after 2 months of leave from sports injury! Aiyo~! I tell you ahh....Not exercising in your life is A BAD THING!!....

My visceral fat, which means fat around my organ, increased to 3! and I was a 1 before this!! I am 49kg but I am carrying 13kg of fat (27%)!! FAT LIAO LAH!! .....T.T......
I have 2 months to tone up before Kenny and I attend Tim and Audrey's wedding. T.T......I don't want to embarrass Kenny in front of his blogger friends. but...but...I am the type of girl who wear sports shoes rather than high heels, who put on  short pants rather than a dress, who would rather spend more time sleeping (yeah, my new 'hobby' now) than to wake up early to make up!!!! cause I don't know how to make up!!! And soon, I have to do the reverse! That feeling is like.........a snail with it's shell hanging somewhere in the garden.....NAKED and UNCOMFORTABLE. Why can't people attend wedding dinner in something they are comfortable with like..... sports wear???

That remains a question to be answered. So until that is answered, I need to tone up cause all those dinner gown are super fitting. Habis liao lah, if I don't work harder....my jelly belly is gonna become 4 layers liao! *POUT*

Mommy is so determined. I even popped that on my fb:
Yeah, I know it's blurry but you can still read it right? I have correction here: decrease 1% of body fat and build 0.2kg (not gram) of muscle by the end of the month. It has been a week now, need to monitor soon.

hmmmm......*imagining firm abs with obliques*.....that will be me in 2 months time!! :) otherwise you can whack me!


  1. How to count body fats ah? I wanna do that to.
    Don't worry about Kenny's friends - Aud and Tim. They are so down to earth. A fan of the blogs. Do let me know how are they in real life! So excited!

  2. Hi Sharon,

    You can just hop onto the body composition analyzer (it's at the personal trainer office, just next to Main Studio).
    For girls 20-30% is normal, if you fit in the 20-24% you are fit. don't go too low, another wise, your period stops.
    Go check yours, I need to check mine tooo...


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