Bali: Padangbai

I am heading to Sri Lanka tomorrow, so before that, let me feed you a dose of my previous trip to Bali!!  :)

* Continuing from Bali: Nusa Lembongan con't *

Kenny and I left Sanur Jetty in our rented car and headed towards our next destination, Padangbai. On our way there, I saw little moving patches up in the sky. "QUICK! Follow them :)!!' I exclaimed. Is this how Balinese spend their leisure? Flying kites :)? I echoed in my head.

That really got me excited! cause I haven't flew one for a long lonngg time. So Kenny bought one in the supermarket. Say hi to Dragon everyone!

Whee~!! Can't wait for Dragon to join them.
But hor......we got a situation here. Neither Kenny nor me know how to fly one. How leh?? =.="" ......

So we got the local kids to give us INTENSIVE kite flying tuition.

Here comes the crash course:
Tip 1: Run and release the thread to fly Dragon up
Tip 2: when Dragon is coming down, run TOWARDS it to make it back up again!
Tip 3: press the thread down to make Dragon fly higher.
Tip 4: Just do it!

But our dragon is a land Dragon. Every time you heard a loud scream, you know Dragon was landing on his head again! OUCH! 

See that little girl on the left? There was this tiny incident that Dragon got out of control and was chasing her all the way and hit her on her head!! Opps! I am so SoRRY! I hope your mommy wasn't watching! 

Other than that drama, I think the kids were having a good time; and Kenny and I felt happy too just watching them enjoying their time cause we too, once had a childhood like that. :)

With Kenny next to me, I stood there and gave him a smile. That is the life I want, spending time with the man I love and creating beautiful memories together :). At that moment, I feel happiness filling inside me.

As the sky turned dark, we know it's time to go....

Where to, you asked? It's another paradise...:)
The last time I saw a lotus was in the muddy pond in my highschool. It was so lifeless that most students would walk past it without realizing there was lotus in it, and most of the time, just one.

But this is different......

I saw frog on the lotus leaves and beneath it, the water was so clear that I can see tadpoles chasing each other :). Colourful petals spice up the pond. Never in my life have I came across a scene like that. I felt so peaceful! 

I playfully stick my thumb together, spread my fingers and move them upwards. 
"Dear Dear look! Butterfly.......hehehe....'
He smiled at me like this -->   d^.^b
and call me .......

Angel ~!
Awwww ~ ~! so sweet ....*that make me fly*

Thanks dear dear for discovering this gem!
It's called Bloo Lagoon.

We lived in a 2 bedroom villa, which is huge enough to fit 4-5 people.

Princess bed!!

* The other bedroom*

*Fully equipped kitchen and living room*

*Outdoor night, you can hear froggie calling....*

*I hope froggie is not calling from here!*

We are so close to nature. I don't recall seeing a TV. But hey, at a Eco Resort like this, you don't need one. You will doze off the moment you jump onto the bed. 


....ahhh ~! I had such a good sleep. I woke up the next day thinking 'I DON'T WANT TO WAKE UP YET!'...but but ...have to lah...otherwise we will miss out on breakfast again. 

We took another route to get to the kitchen and we found these treasures here. ARTWORK and CRAFT!

 That piece is one of my favourite. It truly is a masterpiece!
After the tour in the Gallery, we took the stairs at the side and it leads us up to the craft shop.
Another magical moment happen next.....

Kenny took a wooden ring and put it on heart melted~!!
 Then, I slide one onto his ring finger ^^
Awwww ~ ~!! :) :) I love you..... ~! 

Bloo Lagoon runs Tai Chi class that morning, obviously we missed it cause we woke up late.
So my substitute Master Shi Fu taught me some of his own style ;P.

Snake ~!
Me: Snake ~! *snap photo*

Downward Dog~ !
Me: Downward Dog ~! ....*snap snap*

Dear dear ahh, that is Yoga leh! It's suppose to be a Tai Chi class?!

SubstituteMaster Shi Fu: One big watermelon, cut into half;
half for you, half for me.....

HAHAHAHAHAHA..... I like that story  *try it yourself and you get Tai Chi! *
LOL! my silly dear dear!!


 Our breakfast is really healthy. All the veg we had were grown from their Organic farm. Super Super fresh!! * a big plus plus* They even make their own palm sugar that goes with the coffee. :) How cool is that? Homegrown and Homemade breakfast. Just fabulous!

I volunteered myself to the kitchen staff after my breakfast while Kenny was researching on some travel tips.
I have so much fun there. This was what we have for breakfast too. but I had mine...

so I am cooking this fellow's breakfast.

I didn't know he was checking on his food when I was cooking it. LOL. 
The dish turned out quite well, I sampled it and it smells and taste good.

They don't seem to trust my cooking skills leh. HAHAHAHAHA! 
Trust's edible!!

That was how I started my morning that day....:D and we left shortly after we visited their organic farm.

Bye bye Bloo Lagoon
I love you for being so green!

Bye bye Mommy piggy...
Maybe next time I see you, you will have another piggy??

*to be continued*


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