My Valentine....(revealed) ^^

With the two clues I have, I checked through the flight schedule...................*taking ages to check MAN!!!*
The top 2 possible destinations based on my arrival time is....
either Phuket, Thailand or Jakarta, Indonesia.....
   .....island v.s. big city....
For romantic atmosphere, I think  can Jakarta, Indonesia.
but looking at the departure time for Phuket, it's so tight that if my flight delay we have to paddle ourselves there.....=.=

*The next day after landed in LCCT*
Straight away, he took my passport ......I haven't got a clue bout where we are heading still....
but I think it's Thailand!!
but then..... Thailand so big leh...!!somemore...there is another flight heading to Thailand after Phuket.
*still uncertain*

Funny thing was...his plan was to hide it from me until we reach the gate...
but the immigration officer ruined his plan when she yelled out 'PHUUUUKETTTT' as she checked our boarding pass....
Nice try, dear dear!

We checked in at Sri Panwa which is located at the tip of the island.
The staff brought us to our villa and that was when both of us had our jaws dropped onto the floor.
It's HUgE!!!
so high tech...*love the lightings*...
we have a infinity pool overlooking the private beach
a built in Jacuzzi and steam room
sliding doors everywhere so we can jump into the pool almost anytime we want...
a mini kitchen equiped with Nespresso *Yay! coffee!* local snacks and chilled beverages come in handy in the fridge.
hand picked music from the owner playing the whole day....

I think I say everything too not catching up...!!
here you go

We just couldn't help but to jump into the pool straight away!
It's the best place to spend for Valentine's day....!!!
A big Plus Plus cause it has both the view for Sunrise and Sunset...

How special is that??? :)

*Fast forward everything to Valentine's day* can read more on Kenny's blog....
I just want to share bout my Feb 14 :)

We headed to Phuket town on Valentine's eve, it was late and most of the shops were closed.
Riding aimlessly around the area with my arms wrap aroud him and my chin glued onto his shoulder is just romantic to me!
He stopped by the roadside suddenly....I thought we were lost....but no...he stopped and bought me a red rose. :)
Just as we were about to go, I said: 'WAIT!!'...I jumped off the bike and bought him a pink rose! :)
I think I am the only girl in his life that would buy him a rose.....maybe Keira would too....
OHHHH.....HOLD ON!! let's not get there... !! >.<

I was so exhausted when we reached our villa so I headed to shower.
To my surprise...I came out and saw a Valentine's card sitting on my pillow!

That day, I went to bed feeling very special. :)

*hours later*
 We were getting ourselves ready for breakfast and the door bell rang.....
The staff sent our pre-ordered breakfast to our villa...*supposed to have them at the restaurant*
All I ordered was Dim Sum, thinking that I can add onto the request form the next day...
Too late now...!!
well, at least I can still chill in our villa and had breakfast with Kenny. :)
I am happy already. ^^

Then he gave me another gift!!
something I wanted for a long long time!!!
^^ He always make me happy!!
We put that on and headed to the floating pier where the Baba Crew brought us on a boat trip.
First up.....


It's my second time in the big blue pool.
I was so nervous, thinking that I had fish yesterday night for dinner....
OMG...would the fish eat me up later?????
Kenny and I snorkelled for a quarter of an hour or so...and we headed back to the boat.Once I land both my feet onto the boat...*PURGE....!!* I threw all my dim sum out...and the fish gathered all aroud the boat...for the....'extra snacks'...
got appetite for fish? Anyone??

*Sigh* I felt bad for ruin his boat trip cause he spend most itme taking care of me and much less time in the water.
Seeing me like this, the crew brought us to a private beach/island to rest and relax.
With Kenny lying next to me on the beach and the sound of sea breeze, I was soon recovered! :)

At 5, we went to CoolSpa at Sri Panwa and I got my first Pedicure.
Sui boh??? hehehe
Never expect I would do girly girl things like this on Holiday. ^^

That night, he brought me out for dinner.

To Ka Jok See

I think the food is quite alright, just a bit too heavy for me.
But he loves it.

I really love the atmosphere there, people just eat, chill and dance...

He forced me to touch him...
betahan this waiter! lol...

I had such a great time that day. Seeing the couples around us were much  much older...
I thought to myself that, when we both get old, I want to celebrate Valentine's day like this still.

To be with the man you love whom love you as much as you love him.
Everyday is a Valentine's day.
I love you too Kenny! Muahhhh!!!


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