Love 1.3

A friend told me: Love is blind.
I asked: Really??...
She said: Aha...
I continued: Are you in Love then?
She replied: Yes, I am.
I paused and concluded: So you are blind?

HHhhhhmmmmmm...I still can't understand.....
How can love be blind (ermm...say mentally or emotionally)???
Doesn't that lead to nowhere???
To me...Love, is like a magic wand that awaken my senses to learn that this world is more beautiful than I think. :)

Curious about what my friends think about it, I posted it up on FB.
Here are the best top 10 answers to: What loves mean to you?

# 10: Love can be from anything to everything

# 9: Love means you are willing to do anything

# 8: Love means to be more forgiving

 # 7:  Love means bringing out the best in each other

# 6: Love means you are willing to do more without expecting anything in return

# 5: You smile when you think of that special someone

# 4: Growing together and appreciating each other's company everyday

# 3: Love means accepting his/her faults and bad habits

# 2: Love means giving your best to that special person
# 1: Love means when someone walk into your life, you are willing to open your heart and let him or her in

Love is beautiful


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