Learn fast, Fail fast, Correct fast, Connect fast!

It's something we do everyday,
but most of us just do not realise that.
It's the process of gaining factual knowledge and practical skills
but on top of that, it is a life-long process of GROWING! 
We think that we stop learning after school, but the fact is:
 the day we stop learning, is the day we are 'expired' from this world.

Little pumpkin learning to play music!

has always been my biggest fear.
because it means 'I am not good enough!'
so I spend lots of time preventing myself from failing!

but recently, I realised,
what I fear is actually an ILLUSION.

 Like what my colleagues said:
When we fail, don't be afraid of judgement and critisism!

it's from the spot that you pick yourself up that make you a greater person. 

Little Jass picking herself up with a little bit of help! :)

is the ACT of making things BETTER from MISTAKES!
It's often overlooked, because we have been putting too much attention in FAILURE...
that it absorped all our energy from making things better through correcting our mistakes!!

is the bondings between human to human (people) or heart to mind (self).
It's the connection that gives us support to move forward and to continue to LEARN.

Little Pumpkin connecting with the froggie!

See the linkage between these 4?
To Learn, it takes Attitudes,
To Fail, it takes Courage;
To Correct, it takes Wisdom;
To Connect, it takes Love and Supports.

So Learn fast, Fail fast, Correct fast, Connect fast,
with that, we are truly experiencing our world and investing in our own self.
And that is the recipe to become the BEST that we can ever BE.
YAY ~ ~!!


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