Penang: the Food and Attractions (Part 1)

Sorry Sorry little bloggie, I didn't abandon you ok?...just too busy with my life lately...hehe


So 28th of February, a Monday, I landed in Penang with my tour guide, Akui ,welcoming me at the arrival hall. :) haha...thanks buddy!

FACT: Akui and I went to the same school, joined Red Crescent Society, same class for 3 years and he sat next to me during the last year of high school. We have totally lost contact for a few years......Lol.....but that is how powerful facebook is.....just with the magic from the keyboard and whhaala.....we are talking again ..:)

Funny thing was .....both of us resigned about the same time.....*no...we didn't pakat* he was free to be my tour guide.....yuuhuu~!!

Penang is a place full of good food, I have tried Penang Har Mee ( Prawn Noodle), Lo Mee, Char Kuey Tiaw (Fried Kuey Tiaw), O Jian, Ice just 2 days!!...sometime I am really amazed with the capacity of my stomach! It's huge like a dinosaur!!! ROOAARRRRR!!! e......wait.........that sounds like Tiger! e..hehehehe

 But what to do? Traveling to Penang must eat kao kao mah....otherwise my food trip is
here is my list of top 5-favourite food:

Number 5:
Teochew O-Jian = Teochew style oyster egg omelette
located at the same place where you get the Pork Rice Porridge
i.e. New Lane (Off Jalan Macalister)
score: 8/10

Number 4:

The Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul :) and my tour guide, Akui

What I find it special is that gula melaka was added on top of the creamy coconut milk.
and the 'M' size chendul is chewy and smooth.
:) love it
Exactly what we need on a hot day!
score: 8.7/10

There is another stall nearby that sell Ice kacang topped with durian Ice cream.

I love the durian Ice-cream, really stong in durian taste, it's creamy and fresh. I think it would score a 9/10 if they rid the corn. For now I shall just put it as 8/10.

Number 3:
Pork Rice Porridge at New Lane

This is the one Akui had, with the organ, well I don't eat I had this instead:

Rice porridge with Char Siu (BBQ pork in red)
I love the texture of the porridge, it's so fine, very different from those porridge I had in Kuching.
Score: 9/10

Number 2:
Waa...super nice Herbal Mee Sua at Coffee lane.
You can really taste the effort that was put into making this bowl of Mee Sua when you drink the soup...
I love it!!
Score: 9.5/10

Number 1:
Everywhere I go in Penang, they called themself "Famous" mah...
then everytime I see the stall put ' Famous' I will go...'true or not??'
but this stall that I was about to tell you is famous for sure.

Deng! Deng! Deng!!....Ah Leng Char Kueh Tiaw with prawns and 'Lai Liu Har'...
RM 10.50 - the most expensive Char Kueh Tiaw I have ever tried
but it's definitely worth it.
I want MORE!!!...
Score: 9.8/10

ok, that is just about food.
Shall write about the attractions in my 2-day trip.

(To be continued :) )


  1. have to ban this post..
    just by looking it will trigger my growling stomach... :S

  2. lol....ehh...I thought it's the other way round??? look at it when you are hungry and it shall stop your hunger...wahhaahah

  3. i see nothing.. i see nothing... +_+
    (shut tight my eyes while typing!)


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