A photo to share :)

I am in the middle of a course called Core Value (CV 4)....a journey for me to know myself better, and to be more aware of my energy and BE the best that I can be with AWARENESS.

Guess what?? .......It's such a small world, can't believe that I am in the same class with Baba's husband, and with Shien *who accidentally bumped into my blog*' s brother.

Well, today I am not going to write about my Bangkok-Penang trip  *hahaha...Akui, you will have to wait, lol, but I will definitedly write about it, must thanked my PEN tour guide mah....diok boh??*

....I needed the time for me to CONNECT and GROW during these few days to recharge before I moved onto my new Chapter of life!...:)

Just want to share this photo with you...
Really melt my heart la~!! :)

Hope you too are happy like her :)
and yes, you can; with the Power of CHOICE!


  1. hahaha... ok ok.. i wait..
    btw.. i just love kid's smile.. very genuine! :D
    but make sure she do buckle up when driving lo.. :P


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