The aunty in me

Today marks the 3rd month of me as Mrs Sia. 

Life has been good and if there is anything I would complain about is the never ending housechores! (Anyone else?!) There is always something to wash, something to clean and something to fix. T______T 

Kenny did suggest to get a helper but I am against that idea. I want a homely nest and keeping our nest clean is something that a wife does (with that I mean I do 80% of housework and him 20% hahahahaha). I'll feel useless if we hire a maid at the beginning of our marriage cos she'll be taking away my roles.  Plus, it's just the two of us, we haven't got a kid yet, do we really need one?! 

My thoughts: If my mom can do it without a maid, I can do it too! All I need is a bit more time to adapt and I think it's normal to go through some growth (and struggles LOL) and slowly, I'll settle in. That's how I learn, that's how I get better at it.

So one evening, Mrs Sia went shopping for washing powder!  And before this, she thought all washing powders are the same! Well, not really. She got a Front loader, so she'll need one that is for Front Loader. 

After studying and comparing the choices available on the shelves, she finally narrowed down to one brand. But Liquid or powder?

'Don't know leh! Got difference meh?' 

Without knowing the difference of its cleaning power between the two (I assume the same?), the only thing she can think of is to determine its economical value with the number of wash per box and per bottle *精打细算中*

So she took out her phone and proudly did her calculations. 

'hehehe I am so smart!*师奶mode*'

Then suddenly.......

She realized...........

'When did I become so Aunty?!!!'



 #MrsSiaFaints ----> 



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