Just a short one - I'm married! :)

Life hasn't changed much since we signed that piece of Contract! :) :)

We're still loving (like always), still silly (never gonna change) and if anything has changed it's my title!

*chest circles* Yay~~!!! I can officially tick 'MRS' on application forms and and and, tick 'HOUSEWIFE' on Arrival Immigration cards!!!  (Even though I am still on a 'L-plate' hahahaha whatever! I'm married! lolol)

We had an outdoor Button theme R.O.M, colourful ones that is, and it turned out to be so lovely! That is exactly the kind of wedding we want! 

Just a sneak peek......

Yes, I said a sneak peek, one photo enough liao lah..... lol.....

People has been asking me about our ROM, shall blog about it soon k. In the meantime, if you have other questions just drop me a line. 

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I'm officially Mrs Sia! :) :)


  1. hi! congrats on your ROM :) may i know which event planner did u engage to decorate the place? price reasonable? thanks


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