Wedding 101: How to select your dream wedding gown (and where to get it ONLINE!)?

Continuing from Wedding 101: Why Kenny & I decided not to engage any Bridal Studio - how are we gonna do it? Jeng Jeng Jeng~~~

Remember the Bride-to-be I wrote about who surveyed almost every single Bridal Studio in Kuching? (Lol Me lah, who else?) 

She's back blogging :) 

Girls, this post is a bit long, in order to help you find the information you need easily, I've categorized them into two parts
1) The first part is all about the know-how on getting our dream gown.
2) The second part is about my gown buying experience online!

Hehehe so, coming back to where I left it - Wedding gowns! 


PART 1: The KNOW-HOW on getting your Dream Gown!

In Chinese, there is this saying that '女人穿婚纱的那一天最漂亮了!' so when it comes to choosing Wedding gown, it excites us! :) But the question is, how do we select that ONE PERFECT GOWN for our big day?

I raised that question to the Bridal Studios and no one gave me a satisfied answer. They said the only way to know is to put it on and some Bride-to-be spend hours finding their wedding gown! It's a norm for them but to me, I reckon that's just #notproenough  #anotherreasonnottoengagebridalstudio.

Being curious, I  got home and ask my god for answer ( that is). And in this post, I'm gonna reveal how do you find that perfect gown for you!

Step 1: Know your body shape!
I know there are plenty of websites giving confusing information. It's okay, I've been there too!

What I find useful is Oprah's What is your Body Shape page: It gives a description about the body shape with numbers for you to crosscheck! Or if you prefer a visual reference try this link. Or if you prefer to calculate your body shape, click this!

Once you know your body type, you're ready to pick your gown! :) 


Step 2: Choosing the right gown for your body Shape!

David's Bridal is pretty good with the visuals in explaining the type of gown suitable for your body shape. Otherwise, go back to the Body Shape Calculator to get the text version. 

In case you are not quite sure what the jargon is, here's the list of terminology for wedding gown.

Step 3: Buying Wedding gowns online.

Once you know what to avoid and what make you look good, it's time to shop!

I've pullout a few links recommended by other Brides and I'll detailed about my online wedding gown hunting experience shortly. ONE BIG TIP FOR YOU BEFORE I FOREGET, GET A TIED GOWN INSTEAD OF A ZIP ONE! IT GIVES YOU MUCH MORE FLEXIBILITY IN CASE YOU LOST OR PUT ON WEIGHT, AND YOU CAN STILL TIE IT NICELY FOR A GOOD LOOKING FIGURE 8! #truestory

Girls, do your homework and remember, you only need one, so don't stress! 

1) Dressilyme

4) Miama Store  
8) Vogue Queen
Cause choosing your wedding gown for your big day is fun! I can stay up all night screening through the gown images wan I tell you hahahahah! Let me show you my top 50 Favourite!

Just kidding! :P Just a few lah! :)

So nice right?!



Part 2: My gown buying experience online!

When it comes to buying important stuff online, my family is always against the idea. Cause it's too risky and a whole lot of 'What if' appears. Me, coming from this family was at the 50:50 mark of should I and should I not.

Being heavily influenced by my other half, I thought if I am not happy with the Bridal Studios then my only option is to get it online! 

And I did!

Here are 4 tips, to help you weigh down the risks and give you a confident purchase (speaking from my experience here hehe) :)

TIP #1: Set your budget.

TIP #2: Read the reviews. 

TIP #3: Buy from different suppliers. 

TIP #4: It's ok to get a spare gown (in case of any wardrobe malfunction) as long it fits into your budget!

FYI, My ROM and tea ceremony are on different date, so ideally I'll need 2 gowns but I bought 3, one as spare (luckily I did!)

My first gown was bought from Dressily Me. 10 days after I clicked the buy button, it got delivered to my house! 

I was so excited! It's almost like seeing my own baby for the first time! hahahahaha The moment I pull it out from the parcel, I was left breathless! It's so beautiful!!!


*happy tears* Then I can't help but to keep hugging it (for like half an hour) before I text my other half that his 'surprise' has reached my house (he didn't know which one I picked).

My second gown was from 忆红妆. The reviews are good and it's affordable. It took almost 2 months (cause I bought it right before CNY) to reach here. I say, design wise it's the same as what you see and quality wise it's not premium but it's okay - can't show you the gown yet! It's a surprise for Kenny! :)

My third gown was from 耶爱度 (DO NOT BUY)
The reviews are good but somehow with the gown I took from from the free customize gown option, it turned out to be a total chaos! 


The gown sent was a XXL and it has stains on it! Me, super not happy! The supplier apologized and offered a full refund but wtf, it's more costly to send it back so I didn't. Luckily it didn't cost me a fortune. Phew~ and that teach me another lesson: TIP #5: Read refund policy before buying! 


My message for you is this, you can spend at least Rm 400 to rent a gown (some goes up to 1k) or you can have fun picking your gown online at about the same price, plus owning it! So why not! You can always sell it off! So I say, it makes more sense to buy your own gown really! 

I know it seems a bit risky, if you want a easy way out, just go to the two websites where I bought mine from. 

And to give another boost of confidence, this is how my gown from Dressilyme. :) I love it!

hahahaha yeah, it's so touching we made our lovely emcee cried! Shall blog about it soon. 

Girls, feel free to drop me a line if you got Questions, I am more than happy to help! Otherwise, Happy hunting! :)


  1. Is one simple gown legit? Thanks.

    1. Hi, I hope you have seen my reply before on the chat box (only recently I can reply here). I haven't bought from Simple gown, so try and check for their reviews from other brides. :) hope this help.

  2. Positive site, where did u come up with the information on this posting?I have read a few of the articles on your website now, and I really like your style. Thanks a million and please keep up the effective work.

    1. Thank you! I learn a few tips as I planned for my wedding, so I had it down in 'tips', thinking that if I find that useful, someone else would be too! lol.

  3. Wow....your article on wedding 101 is quite comprehensive and detailed which helps a lot! Too bad i only found out about this article a week late after my sister wedding. Basically you have covered most of the 'headache' of wedding 101 with your useful tips. Your hard work and knowledge is appreciated. I do wish I found your blog earlier....

    1. Hi Elle, thanks for your compliments! haha a week later is better than me seeing your message a year later. lol

  4. thanks so much for sharing you look gorgeous!
    Did you customise the measurements for the gown from dressilyme? (thinking of buying from them too) and is the dress delievered a close fit to what was provided in their images?

    1. Hi Shan, No I didn't customise my gown with dressilyme. I just pick the one closest to my measurements. Do get a tied back instead of zip so you have more flexibility there


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