Wedding 101: Why Kenny & I decided not to engage any Bridal Studio - how are we gonna do it? Jeng Jeng Jeng~~~

In my previous Wedding 101 post, I mentioned that a typical Pre-wedding package looks like this :

xx pieces of Wedding Gown (WG)
xx pieces of Evening Gown (EG)
1 piece of Traditional custom
xx pieces of Coat (for groom)
xx sets of Accessories
xx times of Make up & Hair do 

1 big album (xx poses)
1 small album (xx poses)
1 bedroom Wedding frame photo
1 small wedding frame photo
xx pieces of 4R photos
+/- soft copies

C) ACTUAL DAY (excluding photography!)
xx pieces of WG
xx pieces of EG
xx sets of Accessories
xx pieces of Coat (for groom)
2 x Make up (a.m. & p.m)
Car Deco +/- Following car
+/- Cossage
+/- DVD slideshow

After my numerous survey on forums and Bridal Studios, I was convinced that Prewedding Packages are not for us!

So in the post, I’m gonna tell you the ‘WHYS’ we made this bold move!


Reason #1: We don’t need Part A (Pre-Wedding shoots).

I feel deeply uneasy in formal wear (cause I wear sportswear more often than dress lol) and we both suck at posing in front of camera, so we thought ‘Do we have to do this?’ (lolol). 

To us, ‘Pre-wedding shoots’ are photos we take as couples and we already have plenty of that during our trips to various destinations. So we are good without Part A.

Reason #2: We don’t need Part B (Pre-Wedding Albums) either!

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I need a Pre-wedding albums at first, so I turned to my fb friends for opinions.

Some says, it’s once in a lifetime thing so Pre-Wedding is a must!
Some says, how often do you take it out to have a look at it? In the end, they are collecting dusts in one of the cupboards! (Hmmm...true also)

After I have gathered opinions from both sides, I realized there is NO RIGHT OR WRONG answer but what we VALUED AS IMPORTANT TO US!

We want memories, captured and stored as Soft Copies only (high resolutions!) Sadly, a lot of Bridal Studios charge when it comes to high resolutions photos (some do offer it but only at lower resolutions).

But that is okay, I’ll tell you how we get about it shortly! (Stay tuned, it’s an excellent idea)

Reason #3: We only need Part C (Actual day) but most Bridal studios don’t offer that…

With the exception of The veil and The studio (click here for links).
(Note: Do bear in mind, things change over time, do check with your preferred Bridal Studios for packages.)

Unfortunately, The veil is pricey (based on my survey lah); As for The Studio, pricing is okay but due to my needs for extra gowns during ROM and Bride side reception, it’s probably cheaper to get a complete Pre-wedding package. (Shooting this option dead)

Reason # 4: I think it’s not worth it!

One of the most frequently heard phrases from Bridal Studios was ‘We have everything clearly listed here, everything is transparent, nothing hidden!’ but when all the Bridal Studios said that to me, it makes me wonder ‘how true could it be?’

If what they said is true, why do I get to read all those horror stories dealing with Bridal Studios? But then again, I think it’s unfair to get prejudiced against them without finding out myself.

And my conclusion is: Things they listed are true and correct but things that are not included are vague. It’s your job to ask and have them written down in black and white. (Read Pre-wedding packages: What to take note?)


So, this is how we are going about it!

Since we only need Part C of the package, we figured that if they can bundle it up, they can be itemized separately as well!

 (excluding photography!)
How we do it!
xx pieces of WG    
Buy online and sell it off later

xx pieces of EG    

Buy and own it for future dinners
xx sets of Accessories    

Already got simple accessories
xx pieces of Coat (for groom)  
Already bought!
2 x Make up (a.m. & p.m)  
Engage Freelance Make-up Artist
Car Deco +/- Following car 

+/- Cossage    

+/- DVD slideshow    

Our Photographer Includes that! 
(And the best part is our photographer returns all photos in Hi-resolution soft copies - exactly what we wanted!)

These are what we need and that is how we get them ticked!

I shall tell you who I engaged (and also the contacts) in future posts, but next, I'm gonna share about: Howto select your dream wedding gown (and where to get it ONLINE!)?

Hope you find the posts useful! Do check out previous posts labeled under 'Wedding 101'!

Happy wedding prep! :)


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