Joke of the Day # 9 - 11: Fun-Filled Kate Party Night!

Joke #9:

At Magenta Restaurant attending Kate Make-up Party. *Music playing Freak (Klaas Mix)*

Kenny: Isn't that your Body Jam Track?

Me: Yap!

Kenny: Do you remember the moves?

Me: Aha~ *both roll shoulders backwards*


Kenny: * stops suddenly* hahahahahah!! Wyndie is laughing at us!

Joke # 10: 

BF is one of the judges for "Show Your Kate Style" Contest.

Me: *turn to bf* Focus on the face only ahh, not the legs!!


*snorts* That outfit is too sexy!! If it's just me and bf, I would cover his eyes! OH YESS, I would do that! 

Joke # 11 (which is also the funniest of all)

During the Kate Quiz session:

Emcee: Tell me where can you buy Kate products?

Contestant: *with Everrise Bunting behind* You can buy it from Spring Watson!

*Crowd stunt for a sec and LAUGH hysterically*

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Hilarious!! Luckily it's not a beauty pageant! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Well, it is a Fun-filled Kate Party Night Indeed!! LOL!!! Full post on Kate Make-up Party soon! ^^

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