My little diary: 20th - 22nd April 2013

Saturday 20.04.13

Without fail, I get a natural looking double eyelid the next day if I teared the previous night.

I cried too much from the story of the loving grandpa from 中国梦想秀 till I get one free double eyelid and 2 swollen eye bags. Sien liao, why only one side got double eyelid??!!!

So I thought, it's a sign for me to try the twisted version of AB Mazical fibre!

Wah~ I look so good! Now Left side also got double eyelids! hohoho! But my eyelids are too stubborn (probably too much fat on my lids), the fake eyelids were gone by noon. It's like it only lasted for 2 hours nia. T.T

I don't care! Such expensive tape, I am not removing it!

That night, bf breaks a shocking news to me. I know there is a chance of that happening, but I thought it wouldn't cause there is no reason to and you are my friend. At first I feel angry, the more I think about it, the more the negative emotions roll ball. I know I have to suppress it down. That is the only way to make things better.

There is this Words of Wisdom that goes like this 'Surprises happen everyday, big or small, good or bad, and it's the way we REACT to the situation determines the fate of the story'. Yeah~ it's true!

Stay positive. Be neutral. Stay positive. The more I repeat that in my head, the calmer I become.

Photo from the internet
In life, there is no right or wrong. It's just a matter of our stand view. She thinks it's 'Right' and I think it's 'Wrong' cause we are thinking from our own perspective. But when we pull ourselves further from our own stand and  be in each others' shoes, you'll understand a bit more on why she does that and why I feel so.

It's not about right or wrong now. It's - a matter of choice.

At least if that really happen, we are prepared. And if it doesn't, we are grateful.

Special thanks to 2 friends who turned up after a phone call. When we both are unsure of what to do, having their accompany is the best thing that happened that day. Thank you so much!

Sunday 21.04.13

Am still affected by what happen yesterday. Just when we are trying to woosh off the negativity and be our normal self again. Another thing happen.

Uhhh, it's draining.

At time like this, I will open up a motivational book and read.

That is when I can block my negativity and let the author flourish me his/her wisdom. You know what happen when you have half a cup of coffee and you run it under running water? It will become a diluted cup and if you still let the water runs, the cup will eventually be filled with just water.

And that is what I am doing. Piecing myself with positivity (the running water) so I can support bf.

Now, dear Universe. We have been good, whatever you are planning, please watch over us.

Monday 22.04.13

:)  I feel good today.

Reading helps a lot. I am back to my normal self again! :) To make me feel even better, I dress up to work today.

Hahahaha I normally wear very 'lap cek' wan, so this is considered as 'dress up' for me liao.

When I went home after work, the girls were running around trying to hide from me. 
hahahaha too later liao lah! I saw you!! 

Only Belle stayed where she was. 
Me: 看什么Belle?
Belle: * cheeky smile* Princey~!
Hahahaha, this Belle Belle!

Are you afraid Princey? I bet you thought it's earthquake when she rides.
Hahahahahaha betahan this Belle Belle!

:) Dear Universe, thanks for sending me the girls to make my day even better. 
Thank you~!


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