My little diary: 17th -19th April 2013

Wednesday 17.04.13

5 mins before my class and only 1 member turn up for Jam. Hoho, sign for class cancellation *sigh*. Since I've changed my class to 5.45pm I have been losing a few regulars. But today is so kelian, I've got only 1? 

I jokingly said 'Well, there is a chance that it'll just be you and me today, if that is the case, we can do whatever tracks you like.' She was nice. She didn't mind being the only one and started chatting with me. 

'Do you remember me?' she asked.

I was like *processing processing* you mean we met somewhere before?! where leh? hahaha, didn't say it out lah! Instead I gave her a blank look.

She then filled in the puzzle with 'Remember last time I saw you and Wyndie together during the volunteer training for World Vision and I told you I've attended your Jam class at LUF with the one day pass?'

OOooohhh! And that rings the bell! Got to say, it's seems like my recent surprises somehow got to do with Wyndie wan. LOL such a small world hahahaha.

Can't believe she still remember me. Ai~ I feel so bad. It's not that I pretend that I didn't know you, it's just that I've inherited my dad's 'short term memory'. It runs in the family I tell you. See, I can't even remember what I ate yesterday! *solid evidence*

It was a nice 5 min chat! 

In the end I got a lucky 7 turning up! okay lah, better than 1 mah! LOL

Thursday 18.04.13

While driving in the car:

Kenny: wah ~ this song sounds so sadddd ~ change change change *took out iphone and change track via spotify*

Me: This wan sounds go gancheong leh ~ change change change

Kenny: *changes track*

Me: *listening to the music* ....the warrior picked himself up and stand on his feet.......  He looked around ............the ground are dyed red.........blood everywhere! ..........They have won the battle...BUT too many people had sacrificed!!........And...*bf interrupts*

Kenny: Isn't that the story-line?

Me: ???????????!!!!!!!!!! *HUH~?*

Me: *processing processing* You mean......the sound track is from.... OBLIVION???!!!

Kenny: Yah~!

Me: *Act Normal Act Normal* OHHHhhhh!

Kenny: You didn't know?!

Me: *awkward*............. @/____\@.........Ah~ ~ ~! I didn't know!!

Kenny: Hahahaha this baby!

AIya Ha-Ha back this dear dear! =__________= You just ruin my moment!

Friday 19.04.13

Skipped Gym and watched tv at home. I cried watching 中国梦想秀 it's so touching. It is about a 91 year old Grandpa's love story.

The old man was a soldier who has survived WW2 (What's the odds of that?) Throughout his whole life he married just once! I was like how rare is that cause men in China at that time normally have 3-4 wives! But sadly, just 5 months before they celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary (in Chinese it's call 钻石婚)the wife past away, leaving him and their family behind.

He was devastated. And since then, he started to draw. Pieces of his master piece were shown on the TV screen, capturing the precious moments with his wife, their love stories, and even a drawing when she past way.

He said his time is limited. And he hopes to fulfill his dream though the show. He wants to fulfill his promise to his wife - go back to where they first met and celebrate their wedding anniversary.

So sweet right!! He miss her so much till can think of this romantic way of expressing his love for her!
像阿公这样的好男人真的快要绝种了!T.T So Gan dong!


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