Shaking my head...

This conversation happened this evening, between Me and my pistachio, Keira :)

Me: Keira, 你长大后像小姑姑好吗?
Me: Keira, when you grow up, you grow up to be like me okay?

*Keira 点点头*
*Keira noded her head*

Me: 那你长大后像小姑姑一样,找个像Kenny Kor Kor 的...好吗???
Me: Then, when you grow up, you find someone like Kenny?

Keira: ...我以后找不到老公了,Kenny Kor Kor 给小姑姑抢掉了!!!
Keira:... I can't find my hubby in the future anymore, Kenny is taken by Aunty (which is me) already!!

.....=.="....this 5 year old kid......

Yeah....that is her......
What is in her head???
*shaking mine...*


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