To Dear Santa

The crowd in the pub just cheered! It’s Christmas day!! And I am sitting in front of Life cafe, writing to you. Santa~, thank you for the present, I like it :) ……!!

Never have I thought that ‘a dog’ can teach me about life. How wrong was I?

The first thing that went through my head when I saw that dog was ' What on earth has happened to him?? '  …...seeing him so determined to get to the other end of the busy road, I stopped my car for a moment to let him through…..and I followed him all the way.

For the first time, a scene like this sank my heart, he was pondering back and fro, wondering if he can jump through the drain with him, being 3 legged!

He doubted……. and changed his mind……. I followed behind with my camera in my hand….he explored the area…….and shortly after that.... he knew that he needs to OVERCOME THAT FEAR to get to where he wants to go.

Watching from a distance, I didn’t know what I can do for him other than feeling worried and sorry for him.......:(..........He MADE IT THROUGH!! :)  but it’s so heart breaking to see the other dogs barking at him fiercely when he was just passing by :(……

He is no ordinary dog! He is so inspiring~!!..... Too many times, in our life, we complaint about what we don’t have. We VICTIMISE ourself to make us feel better!! But this warrior had just taught me to focus on WHAT I HAVE……and MAKE THE MOST OUT OF WHAT I OWN!!!

Dear Santa ~……I know you have been working hard, but if you can get him a present…..please get him a home! That is the ONLY thing he needs and that shall be the best Christmas present for him~!!

I don’t know how to help him, I hope he is okay!

With lots of love,

Please make this dream come true~!! *beg*

LOVE, sincerely, from Ming


I tried taking photo of him but the best photo that I have taken is so BLURRED that it looks like it’s coming from a great grandmother’s vision ….!!! AIYO ~ ~ so blurred until it make the dogs looks like he has 4 legs…. ….ARRRGGHHH!! someone please teach me how to change the camera mode!!!.....

The inspiring doggie......that taught me two precious life lessons :)


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