The Starfish Story

I recall reading a story on the internet that goes like this....

A young man was rescuing the starfish on the by one...he threw them back into the sea.
An old man saw that and told the young man 'there are too many of them, you can never save all'.

The young man paused for a moment and said 'You are right!'.... then he picked up another starfish and throw it into the sea and replied 'but I have just changed the life of that starfish.'
I have a patient by the name of J. She is only 35 years old, but she has all sorts of health issues....from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, being obese and now newly diagnose with Diabetes.

I saw her one month ago for the first time...her diet was a chaos...large food portions, food groups missing, high in refined sugar and excess fat consumption.

Today, she reported to me 2 hours earlier than the scheduled time, I was really surprised. Is she that eager to see me??...I haven't even requested for her casenotes and I was still feeling sleepy since I just woke up like an hour ago......but glad enough, we had a good talk :)...

She is fabulous, she is so determined and now she is in control. Her blood sugar level and cholesterol level all dropped and she had also lost 3 kgs following the diet advice. *thumbs up*

I told her: J, you are you doing a good job! Keep it up!
just after that her eyes turned red...and watery....she was getting emotional...
I put my hands on hers and asked: Would you like to share with me?
she smiled and replied: Don't know why...I cry...
I looked at her and smiled...Deep in my heart, I understand how she felt...

Dear J,

Want you to know that you are doing great. Keep it up! Dr F and I are going to help you with this. Don't feel that you are alone, you have a team. We are not giving up on you so keep going ok?

I know it's a great challenge that universe is sending to you but please freeze your negative thoughts.

J, this will be the journey for you, to be IN POWER of your health. As much as you trust us, TRUST yourself that you can do this. :) I have faith in you!

You are just like the starfish that was on the shore. It's time to get back to the sea you belong to the sea...

Now, if you would excuse me...*throwing the starfish into the sea*



  1. Wow, Its very touching...very violet! Also very inspiring and love the way u link the Starfish story with Ms J. Empowering is powerful...Jia U to all ppl with higher level of awareness and lets throw one starfish at a time... =)

  2. yes....SIL...I love the story too:)....'s the empowering part that added extra values... :)


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