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Taiwan: Taipei

* Okay, I know I have been delaying my Taiwan Trip posts for a while now, so here it is! :)*

With an early flight with Tiger Airways from Singapore, we landed at Tao Yuan International Airport (桃园国际机场) in 4 hours 42 mins.

While we were queuing at the immigration, we were listing our food checklist in our head. I want to eat the famous 永和豆浆,臭豆腐,仙人掌冰 but as to where to get the authentic ones, I have not a clue cause this is our least prepared trip. Hahaha I never prepare, Kenny does but not this time. Jeng Jeng Jeng!! But as you read along, you’ll find that our trip turned out to be quite interesting despite the lack of research.

Straight out from the arrival hall.

Kenny said ‘First thing first’.

‘And what’s that’ I asked.

Tip #1:‘SIM CARD!!’

Ahh! Yahor! We got nothing booked and we would need to make phone calls and Google a lot!! 

There are a few counters outside the arrival hall selling different Sim card packages. Just pick and choose! Tip #2: And before you go, remember to drop by the counters (right opposite the phone counters) to pick up your Youth Travel card (discount card – Valid for those between 18-30 of age).

I got mine~!! But not Kenny! LOL! The officer said '对不起先生,你已超龄咯!(Sorry sir, you are over age)' 

Hahahahaha this dear dear ahh, die die want to get the discount card. He told the officer he hasn’t turned 31! HAHAHAHAHAHA !!

Tada~! Caption goes: the Young and the OLD! LOL!!

We took bus to city and had our first Taiwanese meal at MOS Burger. LOL! It’s not even Taiwanese and it’s Fast food! Hahahaha!! We were actually just passing by, but the smell of the food makes us surrender ourselves immediately. Wah~ level of hunger increases steeply ahh I tell you, they smell so good!

It was satisfying. We were fueled and good to go. Taiwan trips now begins. J As we walked out from MOS BURGER, my eyes were caught with this tiny blackboard the size of of A3 paper. It says …..

Which means You have to Feel with your heart the greatness of life’.  I was like ‘WOW~!!’ and straight away I know it’s gonna be a great trip! :) Thank you so much! It’s really uplifting!

We took a train to Taipei Station. Our Homework – book night bus to AliShan!

Now, Taipei train station is huge and a supposedly 5 mins walk can easily triple with a wrong turn. Tip #3: So from Taipei Train Station to the Bus station (called 台北西站B) you will need to exit at Exit 5 or Exit 4 (at 忠孝西路一段aka Section 1, Zhongxiao West Road).

There are two blocks of Bus Station next to each other, just look at the signboards (they are huge, you couldn't miss it) at each counter and buy your tix to your destination. 

Homework of the day is done! We can go for shopping now!

Well, not quite.

We end up eating again! This time still Japanese! LOL!

This is where we had our sushi.  This shopping centre is called 京华城 and It’s shaped like a golf ball.

Surprising enough, it’s quiet inside. We pretty much ate (and cincai bought our shorts for exercise cause we ran out of time to return to hotel to get our sports wear LOL) and head to a nearby gym. 

Hahahaha you should see our coordinates. It's totally out of tune! LOL!! Anyhow, we two Malaysian attended a full hour of exercise in our funny outfit. And after a bit of camwhoring……

And a bit of entertainment……

And the best thing to do next is to fill up our tummy. SOOOooo Hungry! 

Tip # 4: Tada~ we are at RaoHe Night Market (饶河夜市).  It’s located at Raohe Street near SongShan station(松山). It operates from 5pm till late midnight so do popped by if you need a midnight snacks while walking the 600m long stretch of road.

Here are what we had!

Grilled mushrooms! They are so yummy! I don’t see that in the night market few years ago, I think it’s new creation!

And that is one healthy and guilt-free midnight snacks loaded with Enzymes and B-Vitamins, Plus it’s low in Calories (Ask for less seasoning to watch for salt intake).

Sticky Tofu (臭豆腐)!!

Oyster Vermicelli (蚵仔面线). Kenny craved from that since we landed. That is a long wait to tame his cravings. LOL!

Hahahahaha it’s kinda cute to walk around in their helmets, don’t you think so?

Night market experience is satisfying....but it made my belly bulges! Tsk Tsk Tsk......
Workout GONE!! I foresee there will be more of this similar situation happening……

So that is how we welcome ourselves to Taiwan - the Heaven of Food!!

And what you are reading now was my day on 30th May 2013.


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