Saturday, October 31, 2015

Confinement Lady in Kuching

Hi~! Just a super short post on the list of Confinement Lady in Kuching which I got it from my friends. I am not sure if they travel outside of Kuching or not, but anyway, you can call and ask! :)

If you have any Contacts to add on the list or if you have any reviews to make, pls let me know!
Hopefully this list will be useful. Here you go:

List of Confinement Lady in Kuching (古晋陪月阿姨)

  1. Ai Yan -  Tel: 082-641 159
  2. Ai Lee - Tel: 082-343 502
  3. Ah Boey/ Monica - Tel: 082-367 487
  4. Ah Eng - Tel: 013-829 9709
  5. Ah Goh - Tel:082-251 882
  6. Ah Hiong - Tel: 082-416 926
  7. Ah Kiao - Tel: 013-845 8153
  8. Ah Kim - Tel: 010-978 8482. Good reviews, my sis x 2 and my sil all use her, cooks well and very responsible.
  9. Ah Joo (黄明珠) - Tel: 013-827 1659. Good review from my friend.
  10. Ah Nie/ Jenny - Tel: 016-882 7571. Good review.
  11. Ah Tin - Tel: 012-881 3198
  12. Catherine Chong - Tel: 012-890 0191
  13. Cindy Lai - Tel: 019-839 5155 or 014 - 690 9769
  14. Fen - Tel: 019-825 5738
  15. Hua - Tel: 012-891 8285
  16. Lian Tze - Tel: 082-642 178
  17. Jong Ai Ling - Tel: 082-572 035/ 016-893 1060
  18. Jennifer - Tel: 016-882 8102. Very good at cooking.
  19. Madam Chong - Tel: 082-343 502
  20. Madam Kong - Tel: 016-816 5534
  21. Madam Voon - Tel: 016-890 8107
  22. Madam Yong - Tel: 013-56 8663
  23. Mary - Tel: 010-967 7298 or 016-866 6579
  24. Ms. Liew - Tel: 013-813 3715

Saturday, October 17, 2015

I just want to BLaH ~~~

Hi bloggie! I am waiting for my sleeping handsome to wake up, this night owl ahhh! So hard to wake him up! So okay loh, I kill time here. 

So in September, I was terribly affected by the haze and Kenny decided to send me off to KK to stay with my sis. Who knows the initial planned stay of 3 days turned out to be 2 and a half weeks. Every time I booked my ticket home, the next day the haze worsen! Fuiyoh~~~ burnt two tickets, my Rm 500 just flew off liddat *heartache*.

Funny thing was, after recovering from my haze allergy  (it was really bad, my face including my eyelids were swollen, red and itchy) I returned home and people start telling me that I have this 'Pregnancy Glow' *laughing at the background* hahahhah for the first time, I was told I am glowing and that joyous feeling is almost like someone telling me I am pretty *bahahahhahaha*.

My pregnancy so far is good! Poppyseed is behaving well so I have no backache or anything horrible. Just that hunger kicks in again (last time have to eat every 2 hours,then beginning of second trimester about every 4 hours, now around 2-3 hours and I get hungry) and what is shocking is when I stand on the weighing scale. OMG!!!! 24 weeks pregnant and I gained 10kg dy! T_____T I was hoping to gain 10kg in total for my whole pregnancy leh. How leh like this?...I cannot help it, i can't eat less cos I can't cope with hunger! 

Then hor, few days ago, I car accident again, second time in this pregnancy!!! Luckily both Poppyseed and I are okay. Ironically, last time I got hit by a Perodua, this time round I hit another Perodua! Man, I hate Perodua!!!!! 

Scratches I admit! But Can you see the dent? Hardly right? Can you believe how much it cost??? 

Not Rm 200-300 oh!! It cost Rm 800!! WTF!!!!! Last time my boot got hit and dented and it takes Rm 800 to repair, this one also Rm800! Which part of you is made of gold ahh Perodua!! You tell me you tell me! So damn expensive! 真是的,原来Perodua才是娇滴滴的公主,真是千金之躯!


心里超不平衡的!!!With Rm800 I can buy a lot of stuff for Poppyseed dy!!!!! *damnit damnit damnit!!!*


Meh~~~ can only accept it! Thank god Poppyseed is okay! Alright, I am gonna wake my sleeping handsome up again, Hungry dy......

Be good Bloggie! 


Monday, August 24, 2015

Joke of the Day #37: Naming #PoppyseedSia! :)

Pretty soon, we'll know Poppy Seed's gender, and the search for a name will soon begins. I thought only Kenny and I would be excited, but these two girls, Keira (9 y.o) and Celeste (7 y.o) were even more excited!!

Keira: Xiao GuGu (Aunty), have you got a name for Poppy Seed yet?

Me: Not yet, we don't know baby's gender.

Keira: Oh. I am thinking, if it's baby girl, let's call her 'Poppy'! *excited*

Celeste: *puts hand up* I know I know~~ !! I have a good name for her ~~~!! We can name her 'Pelican'! *excited*

Me: HAR?!!! *face becomes distorted instantly* Oh Leste! You know what is Pelican or not?

Celeste: ummm....I forgot! But I heard of it somewhere. It sounds so~~~ nice! *naively*

*alamak 梦梦就是梦梦,做梦第一名*

Me: Pelican is a kind of bird lah~~~! I don't want to name Poppy Seed that~ ~ !  We are thinking something starting with 'K'!

Keira: Har?!! Pls don't name her 'Keira'! I'll be very confused!

*hahahahaha silly Keira! *

Celeste: Hmmm...let me think......I'll think of a good name!.....hmmm.....Oh!!!  know I know!!! We can call her 'King Kong'!! *proud looking face*

Me: Aiyo~~~ Celeste!!!! *face palm!*

>___<" think she had too much National Geographic lately. Oh Poopy seed! Don't worry, we'll name you good! Daddy and mommy are so excited to see you in your next scan! We love you! Muah!

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hello #PoppyseedSia!

I know it has been a while, but I have to keep the secret ‘a SECRET’ until the time is right. There is nothing else I want to document apart from this exciting new chapter of mine and every time I log onto my little space, I just feel like sharing my joy with you all. And here is the news: Kenny-and-I-are-EXPECTING! *tonnes of yays* (I cry breaking this news, so excited!)

I didn't expect a pregnancy initially. Cos every time I think of pregnancy, I have this story my biology teacher told me, playing over and over again in my head. She said: For a sperm to fertilize an egg, it’s a long and rough journey, and most of them didn’t make it through. And for those that did, if they make a wrong turn, then BAD LUCK! The Egg can only live for one day and is waiting at the other side! (See! We'll need a lot of luck to get pregnant!!!)

So, when my period didn’t report on the day it should, I just thought it was late. (and partly also because I don’t want my baby to be born in January or February, like me, for a very silly reason: No one would remember his or her birthday because it’s still school holiday.) But still, I went and bought pregnancy test kits just so I can pee on one bahahahhaha

May 2015: this is the first time I peed on a test kit! *milestone*.  It was a very long 5-min wait in my bathroom….. I came down and Kenny asked how many lines I got: I said none! It was a messy test (you don’t want to know the details) and I got an INVALID result. *husband laughed hysterically at me* I quickly forced my bladder full and tried again. This time (using a different method), I got one line!

Okay, I’m not pregnant.

Somehow, I was a bit disappointed and I was rather confused. ‘It just doesn’t explained why my period is late if I am not pregnant!’ And it’s funny how, I got addicted to peeing on test strips for the next two days and got disappointed again and again, until one of the kit actually showed 2 lines, one FAT and one very very slim line!

My heart raced a little and I went to look for Kenny in his cave to check if he too, saw that almost imaginary line that I saw! It was the longest stares on a piece of tool coated with my pee and with a very uncertain tone, he said, ‘…ya…I think there’re two lines!’. Next thing we did, we dug out all the kits in the bins and they all read one FAT and one faint line.  *happy tears*

We rushed to a clinic just to confirm my pregnancy but the Doc couldn’t see anything on the ultrasound and the pregnancy test cassette (supposingly the most accurate) gave me that imaginary line again! My doc concluded that, either I wasn’t pregnant *very very disappointed T______________T*……or that it’s too early to pick up.  I have to return in a week’s time to confirm.

The wait was killing me. ‘Am I pregnant or am I not?!’ I just need an answer! I peed on the kits again and broke down seeing the imaginary line was almost gone!

*Fast forward to one week later* I was so nervous when I went into Doc’s consultation room. I was so afraid that I’d be disappointed again. ‘Please don’t play with my heart’ I prayed.  When a sac showed up on that black and white screen, my doc said ‘Yap, you’re pregnant and that is your baby!’. I was so happy~~~~ so relief ~~~~ to learn about the news! Just overjoyed! *happy tears*

I was only a little over 4 weeks pregnant! And our baby is merely the size of a Poppy Seed! #PoppyseedSia. Oh, my baby! I’ll do anything to protect you! *in tears*. I got really protective since then.

Example 1:
I let my dog out for a run and he almost made me trip. *ROARRRRR~~* He got scolded after that!


Example 2:
Me: Say hi to baby!

Niece: *looking at my tummy* Hello?! AnyBoDY home?


I can’t help it! My maternal instinct to protect PoppySeed is so strong!

*Fast Forward* Poppy seed is coming to 15 weeks old! I am pretty grateful that Poppyseed has been treating me quite well. I am so called the LUCKY ones! I went through my first trimester with no morning sickness, no headaches etc. The only symptoms I have were constant hunger and what Kenny described as ‘Silent but deadly’ gases! Hahahahahah!

I am now in my second trimester, and my belly is starting to show.

To my baby,

Please grow well inside mommy’s belly k? We just want you to grow strong and healthy! We love you, our little bundle of joy! See you in the next scan! Be good!

Muah! Mommy loves you! 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Joke of the Day #36: Ox Sxxx!

Hi Little Bloggie,

I have so much to tell you ~! So many things happened lately, a mix of both good and bad. Luckily the bad news are not overly serious. And I feel blessed that there is still something to laugh at when luck was not by my side.

Last week, I got into a car accident. My car was hit by a car behind, causing a dent on the boot. When I looked back to see who the driver was, I saw 'Oh Shitttt!!' forming on her lips. Bahahahaha #howtogetangryliddat   LOL.

When I told Kenny about it.......

Me: Dear Dear, I got into a car accident. I am okay! No one is injured.

Kenny: HARR? What happened?

*repeat story again and he asked....*

Kenny: so did you chase her with car steering wheel lock?


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Friday, June 12, 2015

Joke of the Day #35: Domestic Violence

Well, as couple, we do have our own couple routine. Other than dancing, there are also multiple doses of hugs and kisses. One day, my husband decided to give me some extra love~

Image from Internet

Me: Meow~ ~!     #howtogetattentioninonesec

Kenny: Awww~ ! Want siok siok har? 

*hug hug*

Me: ouch ouch ouch!!! 

Me: Stop patting my butt!!!!

Kenny: I siok siok you mah~~~ 

*pat harder*

Me: OUCH!!!~


Kenny: LOL Sorry hahahahahaha

meh~, so insincere!

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Joke of the Day #34: The dragons' cousin

Kenny and I recently visited Komodo Island in Indonesia. This place is where the near extinct Komodo Dragons call it their home. But not for me. I prefer to go in and out of that island as fast as I can after hearing my guide's briefing session. 

He said that these big lizards have over 60 deadly bacterias in their mouth and once they bit their prey, the prey goes to heaven.

And the worse part is, the Dragons have the ability to run at 20+km/hr when they prey for food and Human beings are on their menu! 

Very stress leh wui~~~! They run faster than me!!! 


Luckily, I came back alive to tell you this story (LOL) and also the next one....

*At Koreana. We're seated next to the glass window and there is a lizard outside*

Kenny: (Try to scare the lizard! And the panicky lizard wiggled it's tail and tiny feet away)

Me: UI~~~~!! What are you doing? Later the lizard called his mom!

Kenny: hahahahaha! Komodo Dragan har?!

Hahahahah this dear dear ahhh!! 

Kesian the lizard. Sorry little pal, if you were like your cousins in Indon, you'll be treated differently. *the end*

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Joke of the Day #33: Eggs

Kenny and I have been married for almost 8 months, and we are enjoying our lives as the new Mr and Mrs Sia.

To many people, it’s just natural (and almost expected) to fall pregnant at the very beginning of marriage. So when that didn’t happen to us, I get questioned……a lot!

[Just to clarify. We are perfectly healthy. Lol.]

And everytime, when I got asked, I just laughed at it thinking ‘how come others are more excited about the mini version of us than we do wan?’ lol.

But when the same question comes from t.h.e.p.a.r.e.n.t.s.…’s a different story 

Kenny: Guess what?

Me: What?!

Kenny: My mom just asked if we are planning for a baby!

Me: Seriously? I thought you said your mom wouldn’t ask about that?!

Kenny: Yalor. I’m soooooo surprised!

Me: Did you tell her our plans?

Kenny:  No. Maybe I should have said NO and see how she reacted! hahahah

Me: *rubs tummy immediately* Daddy joking only k?!

Kenny:  Wat?! Why are you rubbing your tummy, you’re not pregnant leh~~

Me: I’m talking to my eggs lah!!! 

  (Yap! That's my husband!)

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Wedding 101: In case you are looking for Live Wedding Band, here it is!

*In Alphabetical order.....*


1) Akoustik Connexion:
  I think they are the most demanded live band in Kuching. You see them performing quite often in all sorts of events and functions, simply because they are too good! Very professional but mind you, a bit $$ (I reckon lah). But then I'd rather pay for professionals (and I did hire them) to do the job of entertaining my guests with music then to let Uncles and Aunties sing Karaoke! LOL. Have a look yourself, info below:

2) Momentum Music
The name of the lead singer is Chien Chien. Good thing about her is that she does emceeing too, both in English and Mandarin. That'll save you from all the troubles from looking for an Emcee. 

Oh ya, did I mentioned that she has this amazing vocal? She is also one of the finalists in Voice of China auditioned in Malaysia. Wahhh...don’t play play....Voice of China lehhhhh [Proof]. Heard that their charges are similar to Akoustik Connexion. Hmmm, don't know, I didn't had a full band with them (I had her band to play for us on our ROM (music only) and we have Chien Chien singing and emceeing for us on Bride Side reception), so ya, check them out yourself!

Youtube video: kinda hard to search for their work right, I know. I've gathered them here for you. You're welcome! [ RocketeerBukan Cinta BiasaFly me to the moon我的歌声里,Close to you Ain’t got you Can’t take my eyes off youQuando Quando

3)  1st of August – Acoustic Band 
   I don't know much about the band but heard of them from my wedding photographer. They've a lot of work uploaded on Youtube. Do have a look. Contact details below.

The duo: Jessie Lee and Nicole Kho

Live performance:
Mon 8pm – 10pm @ Utopia
Wed 8pm – 10pm @ The Library
Fri 7.30pm – 10pm @ Four Points by Sheraton Kuching

Found some other contacts from West Malaysia too: 


1) Hikaru Entertainment
Location: PJ, West Malaysia

2) Rhumba Event Management
Location: Seri Kembangan, West Malaysia

3)  The Raw Note Entertainment
Location: Klang, West Malaysia

4)  Urban Tribes 
Location: PJ, West Malaysia

If you have any other contacts you wish to share, do let me know! 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Love letters

'Dear 老婆,

One year ago, you made me the happiest man when we got married. 
I love you and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with the woman I love – you.

Your husband.'

Written: May 2014
Received: April 2015

When I received this piece of postcard, I know I am the luckiest women on earth! :)