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Confinement Lady in Kuching

Last Updated: 06.04.2017

Hi~! Just a super short post on the list of Confinement Lady in Kuching which I have compiled. Thanks to my friend's friend and the mommies from Kuching Mama Sharing Space (KMSS). I am not sure if they travel outside of Kuching or if they are breastfeeding friendly, but anyway, you can call and ask! :)

If you have any Contacts to add on the list or if you have any reviews to make, pls let me know!
Hopefully this list will be useful. Here you go:

List of Confinement Lady in Kuching (古晋陪月阿姨)

  1. Ai Yan -  Tel: 082-641 159
  2. Ai Lee - Tel: 082-343 502
  3. Ah Boey/ Monica - Tel: 082-367 487
  4. Ah Eng - Tel: 013-829 9709
  5. Ah Fen - Tel: 016-871 6014 
  6. Ah Goh - Tel:082-251 882
  7. Ah Hiong - Tel: 082-416 926
  8. Ah Lan - Tel: 016-809 6766
  9. Ah Lan - Tel: 016-897 4546
  10. Ah Lan - Tel: 016-576 8798
  11. Ah Kiao - Tel: 013-845 8153
  12. Ah Kim - Tel: 010-978 8482. Good reviews, both my sis, my sil and me hired her, she cooks well and very responsible.
  13. Ah Ngo - Tel: 019-889 7281 
  14. Ah Joo (黄明珠) - Tel: 013-827 1659. Good review from my friend.
  15. Ah Nie/ Jenny - Tel: 016-882 7571. Good review.
  16. Ah Tin - Tel: 012-881 3198
  17. Ah Yong - Tel: 014 - 996 8468
  18. Aunty Lan - Tel: 016-893 8148
  19. Aunty Lian - Tel: 016-897 5718
  20. Aunty Tan - Tel: 012-887 5189
  21. Aunty Ping - Tel: 011-203 55243 or 017-855 2166 
  22. Aunty Christina - Tel: 019-875 0243
  23. Catherine Chong - Tel: 012-890 0191
  24. Cindy Lai - Tel: 019-839 5155 or 014 - 690 9769
  25. Fen - Tel: 019-825 5738
  26. Fong Xiang - Tel: 013-562 2659
  27. Hua - Tel: 012-891 8285
  28. Lan Jie - Tel: 016-877 1629
  29. Li Hui - Tel: 010-972 6260
  30. Lian Tze - Tel: 082-642 178
  31. Liew Mei Chiew - Tel: 016-865 6828 
  32. Jong Ai Ling - Tel: 082-572 035/ 016-893 1060
  33. Jennifer - Tel: 016-882 8102. Very good at cooking.
  34. Madam Adeline Ngu - Tel: 016-776 2213
  35. Madam Chong - Tel: 082-343 502
  36. Madam Chung - Tel: 017-805 5288
  37. Madam Kong - Tel: 016-816 5534
  38. Madam Lee - Tel: 019-834 5287. Was a midwife
  39. Madam Lo Siao Ling - Tel: 016-866 7296
  40. Madam Ngu - Tel: 016-879 2807
  41. Madam Tan - Tel: 082-361 298
  42. Madam Voon - Tel: 016-890 8107
  43. Madam Yong - Tel: 013-56 8663
  44. Mary - Tel: 010-967 7298 or 016-866 6579
  45. Mei Hua - Tel: 014-998 5523
  46. Mei Lan - Tel: 014-893 9257
  47. Ms. Liew - Tel: 013-813 3715
  48. 英姐 - Tel: 011-105 15683
  49. Yang Xiu Qin - Tel: 016-868 8750
  50. Zhen Ping - Tel: 012-883 5988


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  2. hi there u know any confinement centre in kuching?


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