so this is 'First Aid' part 2

Trainer: So as you can see on this slide, it shows the Total Body Surface Area (TBSA) burn percentages.

Trainer: Ok guys, take 5 and come back for the practical.

*5 minutes later*....

I was amazed at what first aid can do --> turn someone into half mummy! When all of us were practicing, someone popped this question out of a sudden.

A: What if someone's 1% is hurt? How to bandage ah?

I was like 'WOW! So straight forward! But for a second thought since it's part of the body, it's true that there is a chance that it can get hurt! Hmmm, yeah logic question.

*Out of a sudden...*

B: *talking to another colleague* Why you always look at me when they talk about 1%? Aiyo! I know my name got 'bert' but not 'bird' ma!! Don't look at me like that leh!

Hahahahah!! Wah! If bert = bird, then people with the name of 'Albert' much have huge EGO right? Not Asbert or Ambert it's a 'L'!!

C: Wahahahahah!! You got 1% meh? Nolah! 0.1% only lah! Onion Head SmileyOnion Head SmileyOnion Head Smiley

B: ^*$#*%@*^$$#@$%^&*!!

Hehe doesn't this make you wanna do some maths conversion from cm to mm? LOL!!


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